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                           What determines quality eyewear? All lenses are NOT the same.                            

Eyeglass lenses have varying grades of accuracy and surface polish.

These features determine the comfort of your vision as well as the lasting quality of the lenses.


At SECOND SIGHT,  your eyeglass prescription is evaluated and explained so you have a clear understanding of your vision needs. SECOND SIGHT offers a comprehensive contact lens designs.         


Eyeglasses and Lenses


Single Vision Lenses

At SECOND SIGHT, all single vision (distance, reading, or computer) lenses are scratch resistant. The lenses are premium lenses with high surface polish for your visual comfort.


Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal Lenses are "split lenses" with both a distance an a reading portion with a line separating the areas. Although there are many versions, SECOND SIGHT recommends  only lenses with quality optics.


Progressive Add Lenses

There are many types of Progressive Add "No-Line" multifocal lenses. SECOND SIGHT takes the time to have an individualized discussion reviewing your eyeglass prescription to determine the best PAL for you. The new digitally-enhanced lenses provide HIGH DEFINITION clarity.


Anti-Glare Enhancements

Anti-glare enhancements have vastly improved recently. Now, there are no smudges, and the lenses appear invisible in the frames. This enhancement relaxes the eyes and eases the strain of night vision. The new Provencia enhancement also filters high visible blue-violet light for those using computers, tablets, and smartphones


Changeable Lenses

Transition lenses from Essilor are the most advance changeable lenses. They are clear indoors and at night, yet become full sunglasses within seconds. These comfort lenses provide the best vision in all light situations.


Eyeglass Frames

Eyeglass frames provide both function and fashion. Today's styles become the most visible accessory for your individual image. SECOND SIGHT  inventories a large, carefully chosen selection of fine quality frames to fit all price ranges so you see well and are seen WITH STYLE.

Contact Lenses


Disposable, Single-Use Contact Lenses
These lenses provide convenience and comfort. Every day you use a new pair so every day the lenses are clear and clean.

Astigmatic Contact Lenses
Astigmatic lenses are designed for those who require focusing correction. These specialty lenses require more extensive fitting and are available in several versions.

Multifocal (Bifocal) Contact Lenses
Multifocal lenses enable the wearer to see both distance and reading at the same time.

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